Friday, February 11, 2011

Annie's Mom

Hi All,
I probably won't be doing too much blogging b/c Annie wants to be the one and only blogger for her and Skylar. I think I am too excited to keep totally quiet though. I need to tell everyone what joy this sweet dog has brought to all of our lives, but most especially Annie. I haven't seen Annie's affect so perky in years. We are seeing a new enthusiasm and purpose for life since Skylar has come into our family. Skylar is so attached to Annie and Annie loves the idea that someone prefers being with her over anybody else in the world. Skylar sleeps with Annie every night and can even get her to wake up cheerfully in the morning to take her out. That alone is miraculous.
Kyria was so patient transitioning Skylar over to Annie . Her positive way with Annie and Skylar made the transition look effortless. We are so greatful.
Annie is still trying to figure out the command stuff, but the most important part is the bond and that is clearly very strong.
We feel so blessed to have this addition to our family. Thanks Paws4people for all the good work you do for people.

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