Friday, February 11, 2011

dog friends

Hi it's Annie agian. I want to know what kind of dogs you people have.


  1. Hi, Annie,

    We have a young Border Collie named Mercy. She's not a therapy dog - yet, but we are hoping to train her to be one. She's really smart.

    Can you tell us how Skylar helps you, what kinds of issues you have and how your dog makes your life better, happier, and easier? I think people would be interested to read a little bit about you, your dog, and your lives together.

  2. Hi, Annie,

    So glad that you and Skylar are a perfect match. Wow, that goes with Valentine's Day, doesn't it?

    I will be following your blog and I will share your interest in chatting with others with my daughter. She will be getting a service dog, but she is currently working with training service dogs for others.

    We have her dog, Lucas (poodle-pom mix, 6yrs) and a cat (Smokey, 2yrs) at our house.

  3. Hi Annie,

    We have 2 dogs. Ivy is a sweet black lab that we will be taking to visit an assisted living home. She is 2 years old and loves to play. She enjoys reviewing her commands, especially when she thinks that someone has a fruit loop for her! We also have a 13 year old pekingese mix dog named Sidney. His favorite thing to do is rest in his bed and look out of the windows.

    What is your favorite thing to do with Skylar?